Stud Welding

Stud welding allows attachment between screw/bolt and metal sheet without piercing the surface, creating a heterogeneous union and eliminating production costs.

Both the fastener and the substrate can be of various materials including: steel, stainless steel, aluminum etc.
The fastener can take many forms: threaded, unthreaded, tapped etc.

Complete stud welding systems with used robots are provided to meet the needs of industry professionals who require fastening systems that provide superior strength and durability.

Welders can also be automated, with controls for arcing and applying pressure. Stud welding with used robots can increase the speed and accuracy of manufacturing and construction work.

Stud welding with used robots is very versatile for;
- automobile bodies,
- electrical panels,
- shipbuilding
- building construction.
- All other manufacturing industries can also use stud welding for a variety of purposes.

The arc stud welding method with used robots provides highly reliable fastening for a wide variety of applications.

This method allows almost any size or configuration of a metal stud to be welded quickly to a workpiece, while providing maximum weld penetration and reliability.

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