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Arc Welding


Used robots for arc welding

The welding procedures most used industrially are those where the source of heat has its origin in an electric arc. The use of used industrial robots for this process excelled thanks to the automobile industry.

Arc welding by means of used industrial robots increases productivity, reduces manufacturing costs and provides high quality.

In the case of second-hand robots equipped for welding, as they are programmable, they can make welds in very small parts or in places of difficult access, which is why these used industrial robots, are increasingly present in the industrial sectors.

Until recently, welding processes were basically done manually, but due to the increase in production processes, automated systems have been chosen. In the manufacture of automobiles, each car has so many welding points that most of them are made by robots.

The advantages of using robots are innumerable:
-Humanization of the work of the operator, since accidents caused by fatigue due to a monotonous task are avoided and also can work in toxic, humid environments, with high temperatures, etc.
-Increased production and quality: a robot does not rest and its work rate does not change.
• Reduction of waste.
• Reduction of plant space.
• Productivity increase.
• Increase in the quality of manufactured products.
• Decrease in stocks of processed products.
• Optimization of the performance of other machines.
• Reduction of social charges and insurance costs.

Robots for arc welding do not require high load capacities since the welding torches that are installed do not have great weight.
They also incorporate options and parameters in their software to facilitate the programming of the weld bead.

Another sector with great increase in the use of used industrial robots is the construction industry. Some time ago, welding techniques depended on human work, now as demand has grown, these procedures have had to be automated using robots, this being a very practical solution for manufacturers.

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