Nd-Yag laser welding

In sheet metal machining, maximum flexibility is required with low costs and short production times, especially for small series. For this the laser welding gives a quality in the highest finish. This is especially appreciated in the final price.

Laser welding is faster and more efficient than any other alternative process. Due to the low contribution of heat the deformation of the pieces is minimal and it is possible to weld with the highest quality seams of the most varied geometries.

The use of lasers for the cutting process is economical because their results are extremely accurate. Even thanks to this precision you can also save costs in tools.

Being a process without contact or application of force does not produce any type of wear on the treated piece. The flexibility of laser machining makes complex parts no longer a problem.

Laser welding is suitable for joining metals and connecting different materials. In the case of needing to produce lightly and visually attractive pieces efficiently, laser welding is a widely used solution for welding aluminum. You can also weld steel with little distortion and create strong bonds very quickly. To weld thicker parts, the deep penetration procedure and the thermal conductivity procedure are used for thinner parts.

Laser welding is a beam welding process used to join metals. The heat required for the joint is generated by the laser beam that is focused on the weld. Laser welding is a very fast and efficient welding process that is very suitable for automated processes using industrial robots.

It is very practical when you want to combine the laser with used industrial robots, the use of laser in solid state since the laser beam can be transported by means of fiberglass.

The used industrial robot achieves greater versatility in welding with the implantation of a rotary table. In the case of industrial robots, the most appropriate types of lasers are solid-state lasers.

The main advantages of laser welding are the following:
• Minimum cost per unit thanks to the high speed of the process and the low need for finishing.
• High reliability thanks to processes without contact or force, as well as without wear tools.
• Extraordinary quality thanks to the great depth of the welding in the case of narrow seams.

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