Polishing with used industrial robots

Using a used industrial robot, uniform polishing and buffing can be guaranteed, even on curved or irregular surfaces.

The tasks of polishing, buffing and even sanding, require a very specific skill and often a great delicacy.

Used industrial robots are widely used for these applications and offer a flexible solution as they automatically adjust their position to achieve the necessary pressure.

A preowned industrial robot, which can apply a concrete force on its surroundings, on a workpiece, is a valuable asset.

• Apply a certain torque on predefined axes.
• Ensures uniformity and predictable quality.
• It frees employees from the most intense and ergonomically unfavorable tasks.
• Smooth and sand even curved, uneven surfaces with adjustable pressure mode.

A robotized installation with used industrial robots can be appliedfor polishing or sanding multiple products (wood, plastic, metal, etc.)

By programming, the used industrial robot manipulates the pieces and approaches them to the corresponding polishing point.Likewise, it can be the same industrial robot of second hand that performs the sanding or the polishing by means of a special tool installed on the wrist.

The installation can be fully customized depending on the product to be polished.

The polisihing with used industrial robot, in the same way as in the sanding process, allows a high production thanks to that maintains a rhythm of constant and precise manufacture.

In this way, second-hand industrial robots are able to develop a faster and more effective task, more suitable to the needs of the production process.

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