Bag palletizing solutions can accommodate a wide variety of sizes and types of bags.

Bag palletizing systems can go from a basic system to a fully automated system, which can include wrapping, labeling, transport of pallets and product, pallet dispenser and non-slip cardboard sheet slider.

Robotic palletizers use the flexibility of the best brand robots. In Robots Gallery we work with the first brands of industrial robots in the world, such as Fanuc, KUKA, ABB ... which ensures a proven reliability.

In addition, palletizing solutions can accommodate a wide variety of sizes and types of boxes and sacks, you can also build stable load units.

Our most common customers are engineering companies, some of which are specialized in the integration of the palletizing line, so that you do not have to take care of anything, since they can offer a palletizing project, totally customized and deliver it "turnkey".

The tools or "claws" are designed for the specific conditions of each application, they are tested with the real product of the client, guaranteeing an exceptional reliability. The design of these tools is one of the differentiating elements that guarantee the perfect handling of the product.

In addition to the handling of products, the effective handling of cardboard sheets and pallets can also be integrated into the robot's gripper.

Robotic depalletising systems automate labor-intensive tasks for the unloading of pallet products.

From the operations of reception and assortment of orders to the unloading of raw materials or empty containers, robotic depalletizing systems reduce operational costs and eliminate the ergonomic difficulties of manual processes.

Advantages of the installations of bag palletizing with used robots:
-40% Increase in production
-2 Years for the return of the inversion
-100% increase in fidelity

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