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It is considered the end of the line the final part of its productive process. Nowadays, the dimensions and weights have been standardized once the product has been finished with and packed. In order to reduce costs and make its transportation and storage easier.
Hence are created systems of automatic palletization by means of used robots, which are useful for automatic palletizing in productions in which the conditions, ergonomics, weight of products, environmental or hygiene conditions, require that the job is not realized by human manipulation.
An used Robot offers a great deal of flexibility with a reduced level of inversion.
The implantation of an automatic palettizing system carries out the engineering of the product. Hence it is studied the installation of a second-hand robot and accessories transporter, to be an interesting inversion in relation with a manual way of palletizing.
The robotized palletisation by means of second-hand robots, is one of the most usual applications due to the quickness and flexibility that a used robot offers in comparison to manual palletizing.
The robot manipulates boxes, sacs or bags located in one or more ways and organizes it on top of a pallet based in a programmed pattern in a stable manner so the that the pile does not tip over.
This type of robots offer great advantages due to the radius of action and zone of useful work that can tend to, reaching in some models up to 3200mm of radius, and in point loads up to 700kg.
6 axis robot models for different applications and speed of production, make of this kind of used robots one of the options to keep in mind in the end of the production line.
The solutions for palletization are designed on par to the needs of each client. Solutions for the palletized with one single robot and claw adapted for manipulating the product, which its strength is the scarce inversion and the reduced space occupied or either the multirobot systems which are capable of assuming the most ambitious productions.
Complex task can be done, like size and type recognition of the pieces, and its classification and orientation, utilizing the functions of movement control and of vision integrated in them.

Advantages of the installations of palletized with used robots:
-40% Increase in production
-2 Years for the return of the inversion
-100% increase in fidelity

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