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The use of used industrial robots for machining, is increasingly widespread. This is due to improvements in accuracy, cost reduction and the adaptation of CAM systems.

The advantage increases when the size of the pieces to be machined increases.

Machining with used robot is a variant of the mechanized CNC focused to the manufacture of big pieces in soft materials.
The robots use conventional heads and tools but mounted on the wrist of the robot.

With the increase in the precision of industrial robots it is already possible to perform 3D parts machining taking advantage of the qualities of the robot.

In machine tools the use of robots can increase the productivity of machining centers. Other advantages lie in the minimization of downtime and the semi-automatic process of the machine in shifts without personnel.

An used robot is the solution to other applications that due to their lower requirements are economically unviable for their production with conventional CNC machines.

From a CAD file of the piece that is going to be made, it is introduced into a CAM software with which the trajectories of the tool are generated and later through a program the transformation is made for the movements of the robot axes.

The use of an used industrial robot to perform metal and machining tasks can boost your productivity and reduce your time to market.

Milling is one of the machining procedures that allows machining materials with the help of a milling tool. With an used robot it is possible to obtain an even more flexible production process.
The milling allows to give the piece the desired shape by removing the remains of excess material by means of a defined cut and a rotating movement of the cutting tool.

Other applications can be deburring, drilling, threading, polishing and the like.

The cell with used industrial robot, with cutting tool, allows the machining of various processes in very large and heavy parts. This process offers the possibility of changing the tools or machining equipment in the robot through the use of tool changers. Several tools can be placed at the same time on the head of the robot.

For applications where robots are exposed to liquids, it is recommended to use robots with additional protection.

The benefits of using industrial robots for these tasks:
• Reduction of operating costs.
• Improvement of product quality.
• Increase in production rates.
• Increase in product manufacturing flexibility.
• Reduced material waste and increased performance.
• Improvement of safety and health in the workplace.

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