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Handling of parts


Handling of parts

Material handling is one of the most common applications in robotics, and it is where companies can obtain great savings.

To optimize the exact positioning accuracy of the parts in a production process, the industrial robots can facilitate, with a high dynamic and long life of duration, assembly, handling and testing techniques.

Complex manipulation and repetitiveness can only be carried out by means of industrial robots with an articulated arm. Some processes, such as those carried out in clean and controlled environments, the so-called clean rooms, are clear examples of this.

With the use of an industrial robot, a reduction in pollution is achieved, a more homogeneous product and also a reduction in the cost of manufacturing.

An industrial robot is an arm composed of mechanical elements with joints between them. On the wrist is placed a device such as a clamp or a special tool that performs the operations that are needed.

The main advantage is the improvement in ergonomics in the movement of the pieces. The integration of these devices with robotics, gives the industry all the advantages of the automation of manufacturing processes.

Often the access to the piece is difficult, either by size, by its weight or by the complexity of its form, it is necessary to carry out a project of design and manufacture of a specific tool for it. These are some examples:
- clamps and fingers
- Tools, specific tools can be installed, such as screwdrivers, soldering irons, paint feeders, polishers, etc.
- claws
- of emptiness
- magnetic

These projects must take into account characteristics such as: the load capacity, grip force, geometry and dimensions of the objects to be handled, tolerance, types of movements to be made, type of power supply (electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic), time of action of the mechanism, characteristics of the contact surface, etc.

Product handling can be complemented with a vision camera, which gives the position of the product with high precision. It is not necessary to present the piece in a pre-programmed position, which reduces the work of programming.

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