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Assembly of parts


Assembly of parts

High accuracy and repeatability are often required for these applications.
Sometimes the installation of sensors can be required to measure other factors, such as the force exerted on each one of the different components and a more complex control of the trajectories.

The robots used for assembly of parts perform automated tasks in industrial manufacturing. These used robots carry out tasks based on programmed movements provided with the necessary tools to perform their tasks, such as the placement of parts in an assembly line. The robots used for assembly are used mainly in manufacturing processes that require excessively repetitive tasks, that use hazardous materials or that involve unsafe conditions.

The robots for assembling parts are machines designed to perform different repetitive tasks at high speeds. They are very useful in the production process, in the packaging chains, etc. Tasks that are streamlined and maximized with used robots, can be found in any industry.

Many assembly processes have been automated using special machines that work with great precision and speed. However, the current market requires very flexible systems, which allow introducing frequent changes in products with minimal costs. For this reason the industrial robot used has become in many cases the ideal solution for assembly automation.

In particular, the used robot solves correctly many applications of assembly of small parts in mechanical or electrical assemblies.

The robots used in the assembly require, in any case, a high precision and repeatability, not being required to handle large loads.

Used 6-axis robots can solve many of these applications with sufficient effectiveness.

In this way, assemblies whose automated assembly would be unaffordable with their initial design, can be assembled in a competitive way by means of the use of used robots.

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