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Loading and unloading parts

Second-hand robot performs the displacement of loads between different points of space. The tool that uses the used industrial robot for this task is the robotic clamp, with a great variety of ways and means of grip.
A fundamental parameter in the selection of the used robot used will be the load that must be able to move.

Loading and unloading parts with used industrial robots is a flexible solution that allows changes to be made according to production requirements, thanks to easy programming

In the industry in general, it is very common to use used robots to load and unload parts, since it is more precise and improves productivity.

The dangerousness and monotony of the operations of loading and unloading machines such as presses, stamping machines, ovens or the possibility of using the same robot to transfer a piece through different processing machines, has led to a large number of companies having introduced used robots in their processes.

The loading or unloading operations are material handling in which the used robot is used to transfer parts to / from the machines.

• * Load / Unload parts: The robot loads a raw workpiece in the process and unloads a finished part.
• * Loading of parts: The robot must load the raw workpiece to the materials in the machines, but the piece is extracted through another means. In a pressing operation, the robot can be programmed to load pieces in the press and these later fall out of the press.
• * Discharge of parts: The machine produces finished parts from raw materials that are loaded directly into the machine. The used robot unloads the piece of the machine.

The used robot works continuously and without the need for the operator to perform the loading - unloading of one or more machines, thus eliminating heavy loads for the personnel.

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