Used Industrial Robots ROBOTS GALLERY offers you a stock of used and reconditioned robots, in constant variation, which can be easily found in our website. You can search for the used robot in different ways by manufacturer, by application, by scope, etc.

If we do not have the particular model of industrial robot you need, please visit our section which robot do you need? .

Manufacturer brands more widespread in the global market of industrial robots are:

  • ABB
  • Fanuc
  • Kuka
  • Motoman – Yaskawa

If the industrial robot manufacturer is not a determining factor when choosing the used industrial robot you need, then at the time of choosing the most suitable used industrial robot to the needs and specifications of each business, it should be clear what is the specific application for which is to be used.

There are specific industrial robots used for painting, which feature a special anti explosion protection, for palletizing, typically 4 axes and the more widespread are those for manipulation. The latter can also be used for palletizing because by having six axes offer more versatility than 4 axes used industrial robots.

There are two determining factors that define the model of used industrial robot to suit your needs, these are the maximum weight to lift, payload and the arm reach of the robot.

As for how to quantify the maximum weight will be lifted, payload, we must consider the weight of the material itself as well as the weight of the gripper or own tool, which is what is located in the robot wrist.

The second criterion to be defined is the scope of the used industrial robot arm considering the distance or working space between the base from the used industrial robot to the charging or collecting part.

It is to note that one of the two above parameters, scope, arm reach or payload, can make the choice falls on a bigger used industrial robot.

We recommend that you let yourself be advised by people who are immersed in the market of used industrial robots in undertaking the final choice of your used industrial robot.