More than 100 second-hand industrial robots in stock. In Robots Gallery we have more than 100 used industrial robots in stock, an amount that varies in each moment depending on the available stocks in the market. The robots are received, refurbished and stored in our facilities located in Bilbao and Madrid.

Every second-hand industrial robot that comes to our hands is the result of our knowledge of the market and our negotiating skills. The process begins by detecting the products that come onto the market, since we conduct a constant tracking of the used industrial robots that the companies want to sell. Most come from the automotive sector, a sector that we know well and where we have many contacts, which allows us to detect the games and achieve the best conditions.

The type of preowned industrial robot that we have in our stock is determined by the needs of the automotive industry, but these used robots adapt to the vast majority of the needs of the industry. In addition, we try to cover the widest range by collaborating with other companies in the sector and looking for those specific robots that demand us.

Acquired robots are stored in our facilities, where they are classified. Then they are prepared, including the overhaul and reconditioning for sale. This process is done immediately with those references that have greater output, so that we can offer the added value of having second-hand industrial robots available at the moment. The rest are prepared as they are sold, since the process takes place in a short time.

A specialized team is responsible for conditioning all our used industrial robots. First they are cleaned and put into operation, checking that they work correctly. Then the repair is carried out if necessary and subsequently painted.

Video and on-site visit before purchase. The process ends with a video of the robot in operation, a document that we then send to the interested client. We also offer you the possibility to see it in use in our facilities before purchase. In any case, all our robots have a six-month parts warranty. We accompany the client throughout the purchase process with constant advice, which generates a lot of confidence and in most cases our buyer is a recurring customer.