Warranty for a used robot From the moment in which Robots Gallery plans the acquisition of new used robots for its stock, it starts by selecting the used robots that have had the best maintenance. Then starts a process of review and reconditioned both used robots, and controllers.

This checklist consists of:

  • Thorough review of all electrical and mechanical parts.
  • Revision of components
  • Oil replacement of oils, taking special care with the type of original oil recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Checking and cleaning filters and fans.
  • Battery replacement.
  • Review of the functioning of all cables.
  • Removal of unnecessary wiring.
  • Checking of connectors.
  • Cleaning of dirt with special products.
  • Painting with original paint.

Specialized technicians with high qualification and long experience in robotics refurbish and check all second hand industrial robots. Loading in trucks or sea containers for transportation, is done so both used industrial robots and controllers are perfectly fixed and set, face to avoid damages during the journey. This check process allows Robots Gallery to provide all our used industrial robots with a 6 months warranty in spare parts.