We facilitate the purchase of the robot you need Through a collaboration agreement between Robots Gallery and Taicom Tecnología y Servicios, we provide for the purchase the used robot you need, through a Renting contract.

Renting represents the leasing of industrial robots whereby the lessor gives the lessee the use and enjoyment of the industrial robot in exchange for a consideration which consists of periodical payment of quotas.

This allows you to have your company from increased liquidity and save resources. Furthermore, this service is not reflected in the balance sheet of your company which allows you greater borrowing if necessary.

With this agreement, Taicom directly acquires from Robots Gallery, the assets, machinery and industrial technology requested by the customer.

The customer is entitled to the use and enjoyment of ordered industrial robots under a lease for an agreed period.

At the end of the agreed period, the client has several alternatives: extension, renovation, purchase, etc.

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